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Nick Chernyshev
Senior Ruby Developer
Berlin, Germany

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Backend web developer with over five years of professional experience.
Focus on high load web application architecture using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL.
Most proficient in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, DevOps.
Recent technological interests also cover Elixir, Golang, Node.js, React and Ember.
Passionate at team management, mentoring and providing code quality growth.


Languages: Ruby, Javascript, Elixir, Go, bash, C

Frameworks: Rails, Grape, Sinatra, Rack, React, Redux, Ember, Express, Phoenix

Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, RethinkDB, MS SQL Server

Platforms: linux (debian, ubuntu, centos, gentoo), freebsd, Mac OS

DevOps: AWS, Docker, Chef, Ansible

Web Servers: Nginx, Unicorn, Puma, Passenger, Apache

Deployment Tools: Capistrano, Mina, Jenkins

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer
September 2015 - now
Conichi revolutionizes the interaction between hoteliers and their guests.
It is a software solution that lets guests skip the hotel checkĀ­in/checkĀ­out process,
enables them to pay for all the services using their smartphones.
Their visits are tracked in order to bring a customer service and personalization to the next level.
Responsible for a backend architecture of API, CRM and DevOps tasks.
Monitoring and improving application performance.
Integration with third-party services and APIs.

Talent Tag
Senior Software Engineer
March 2015 - September 2015
TalentTag is a locally based online recruitment service integrated with social networks.
This project represents the new approach of searching employees through all social networks at a time.
Responsible for a part of backend architecture.
Devised a search module for filtering results by location, education, work experience, etc.
Maintained sphinxsearch server and indexing background job.
Overhauled full-text search which led to a better search results.
Reduced a number of wrong and irrelevant results, solved the problem of indexing words containing special characters.
Updated core app to a new version of Rails.

Devvela, Inc
Lead Software Engineer
January 2014 - September 2015
Guided the team of junior developers and reviewed code.
Responsible for backend and infrastructure design and implementation of apps.
Developed API for the rich internet applications.
Provided code quality management and performance optimizations.
Maintained server infrastructure based on Rackspace and Engine Yard.
Three MVP apps created from scratch.
Rewrote critical application part which led to 10x API response speed increase.
Integrated TDD methodology, increased test coverage.
Significantly reduced code complexity of base classes.
Some apps upgraded from Rails 3 to Rails 4.

Abak-Press, LLC
Backend web developer
October 2012 - January 2014
Abak-Press owns several large e-commerce portals. These websites allows users to create their own online stores.
The average monthly traffic is about 10M unique visitors.
Responsible for backend part. Implemented a large number of new features.
Worked on performance optimizations, caching, deployments, db replications.
Maintained and improved code.
Designed CRM system for sales management.
Built a library for data synchronization between web app and a CRM system.
Implemented module for importing millions of records from XLS files.

Freelance / Contract Web Applications Developer
Full-stack web developer
February 2010 - October 2012
Created a number of complete web solutions such as landing pages, e-commerce, SaaS.
Designed and developed custom websites, primarily with Ruby and PHP using Rails or Wordpress platform.
Led clients through the development process.

Motivtelecom, LLC
Principal Engineer
March 2007 - February 2010
Corporate ERP/CRM development. Server maintenance and optimizations: RedHat, Debian;
Collecting and analyzing network statistics. Configuring routing hardware of Cisco/D-link/Memotec vendors;
Quality control and optimization of network bandwidth;


Ural Federal University(Software for Computer Hardware and Automated Systems)

Professional development, courses:

Nginx University - 2017
Nginx Core

Mongo University - 2015
MongoDB developer
Course Completion Certificate, METACASTS.TV, - 2011-2015
(Ruby Bits, Rails Best Practices, Rails Api, Javascript, AngularJS, Ember, NodeJS, etc.)
Codeschool profile

Evil Martians - 2014
Brainwashing - Ruby on Rails internals course
Certificate of completion

Internet University of Informational Technologies, certificate of competion - 2009
Web Design & Development